A Momentum policy provides you with a comprehensive solution to your life insurance needs. Your life policy with Momentum Insurance is there to safe-guard you against life’s risks and what those risks pose to your loved ones. Here, we explain the two life insurance options that can make up your Momentum policy.

Firstly, Momentum offers its basic life cover insurance, Life Cover Provider. With this, you get an industry beating life insurance option. By taking out this policy, you will essentially benefit from Momentum’s many other products like free financial advice. With the Life Cover Provider, you can get up to R3-million as a lump-sum payout when you die.

The second product is Myriad. This Momentum policy aims to cater to your lifestyle adjustments while you are alive. This means that if you stay alive longer, you can enjoy more of the many benefits that Momentum has. A good example is the Longevity programme. In this, you are paid back some of your life insurance premiums in cash for your life’s milestones. This goes well to encourage a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, thus avoiding the many complications that come with growing older.

In summery, Momentum’s second life policy offers you – standard life policy cover which includes life insurance, critical illness and disability insurance, impairment benefits, a future insurability benefit, and a retirement savings booster.

With both policies, you qualify for payout when you suffer a critical illness. This also means that Momentum’s disability insurance cover comes standard with your policy. Furthermore, depending on your risk profile and the record of your payments, you can qualify to get paid a portion of your lump sum amount if you have reached the age of 80 years without ever making a claim.

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