Life is priceless, that’s why Clientele Life stands for quality livelihoods and making sure your family is provided for. With Clientele life insurance products, you guarantee your family will be taken care of when you are no longer able to – this could be because of disability and even death – and this all for as little as R130 per month.

    Clientele Insurance

    Clientele Life Insurance makes financial soundness a reality, especially in the tough economic times that South Africans find themselves in. With three life insurance offers, you’ll definitely find the right life insurance from Clientele, or quotes from our life insurance insurance partners.

    Lasting Dignity Cash Back Plan

    This is Clientele’s most popular life insurance product, and has been since the company’s early days. The Lasting Dignity Cash Back plan will cost you a mere R130 per month, which is a small amount to part with considering the benefits made available to you thereafter. These benefits include a R10,000 initial payment for your funeral, a cash back facility after 60 months of not claiming, accidental death insurance, and critical illness insurance.

    Premium Life Plan

    With the Premium Life Plan, you get cover of up to R10,000,000.00. That’s more than what many other life insurance companies offer, and this amount can go a long way in providing for things like your funeral of course, settling your outstanding debts, and securing the financial future of your beneficiaries. You can also choose additional critical illness and disability insurance with a Premium Life Plan.

    Cancer Plans

    A growing number of South Africans are being affected by cancerous illnesses. Therefore, both the young and old need the best life insurance cover to protect them at their times of need. Clientele Life has specialist cancer insurance, where you can receive a payout of up to R300,000. Through the course of your life policy, you will also receive R800 twice every 5 years for breast cancer screening.

    Clientele is a life insurance company that cares, and not just for its bottomline.

    Clientele Life Insurance Contact Details

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