Besides being a high street bank, ABSA, has major life insurance operations which cater to many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of South Africans. ABSA Insurance is the umbrella name to what is ABSA Life Insurance and other insurance services by the bank. Here you will find the products it offers.

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    Each ABSA Life Insurance Policy Explained

    The main benefit of the ABSA Life Cover option is that it prioritizes younger folk – adults between 18 and 45 years, who on average pay less for life insurance than their older counterparts. The option is available to those who want to buy a new life policy or add to an existing one. This existing one could be with ABSA or any other insurer. Life cover from ABSA offers insurance for at least R50,000 to R1 million!

    Another really great and possibly innovative product because of its flexibility is ABSA @ Ease. With this, you get various insurance types not limited to just life cover unlike with other life insurance companies. You can choose from a wide range of insurances including accidental cover, occupation disability cover, functional and impairment disability cover, critical illness cover, a funeral policy, and loss of income and employment insurances. You could say ABSA @ Ease is a mix and match type of life insurance.

    ABSA Life Extreme is an accidental death and serious injury insurance. If you are into extreme sports for example, you are more likely to get seriously injured or die accidentally than someone who’s more into golf. This uncertainty can be mediated with the appropriate life insurance, and ABSA Life Extreme is exactly that. You get up to R1 million cover, and this amount is paid directly to your estate and/or beneficiaries. There are really no hassles to it.

    ABSA Life Contact Details

    0860 100 372