Before it demutualized into a public company, Assupol Life Insurance was one of South Africa’s leading and oldest mutual assurance societies. This means that it was owned by its policyholders, many of whom are now public shareholders. With regard to its main business of life insurance, Assupol is certainly up there with the best.

Assupol Insurance

The company offers three life insurance solutions:

The most affordable of the three options is the Progress Accident Plan. For a maximum cover of R1,000,000, Assupol Life Insurance offers you Assupol On-Call, which is a medical assistance service operated with the insurer’s partners, and of course accidental death cover.

The Progress 4Sure Plan costs about R90 per month, and with it comes a maximum cover of R300,000. This includes a funeral policy for you and your spouse, and for an additional premium you can cover your parents and children as well. With this option, all your premiums are paid back in 10 years if you have not made a claim.

Assupol Life Insurance’s Progress Legacy Plan is a premium solution, where you can get cover of up to R10,000,000. This includes some of these: critical illness, and disability cover, a “loan protector” which settles your mortgage bond if you die before you complete repaying it, an education facility for your children if you die, and if you already have a retirement plan with Assupol, the value of that annuity is increased.

As you can see with the life insurance options, Assupol Life has been very good at integrating their different life insurance products with things their other financial services like savings and annuities, and third party benefits.

Assupol has been serving lives since 1913, but other, younger life insurance companies do an equally good job. Read about them and compare life insurance quotes.

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