A Disability Plan looks
after your income in
case of an accident

A Hospital Plan covers
the expenses should
you suffer an emergency

Debt Relief ensures that
you don't leave your
family in debt

A Funeral Plan assists
with the expenses
related to a funeral

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Get the Best Life Insurance Quotes in South Africa

You probably know what life insurance is, but need some more information about it before you commit to a life policy. Few people understand that life insurance encompasses a host of different long-term insurances like disability cover, however, the most important and widely available is life insurance that pays your beneficiaries when you die. This website is where you can buy exactly that and more. Let’s help you plan for the future.

    A life policy guarantees that whatever you leave for your beneficiaries, not only burying you, but continues to be support them when you are gone. If they’re fortunate enough to be older and self-dependent, then you would be doing them an even bigger favour by taking out a life insurance policy. A wise thing would be for them would be to use that money for their own children.

    Life Insurance South Africa

    Life insurance is complicated, especially from the insurer’s side. Not only must they develop models to measure the risk associated with insuring thousands and even millions of people, they have to do so with extreme care. Think about it – if your life insurer is sub-standard, then you’re both in trouble.

    Some of the best life insurance providers in the country have existed for many decades, and the biggest, Old Mutual Life Insurance, has been standing for over 180 years! It’s one of the oldest (hence the name) life insurers still in existence in the world.

    Life Compare is your partner to compare life insurance in South Africa. We seek to be the best at what we do, and deliver to you a great service. Read our profiles of the various life products and the companies that provide them, and get genuine life insurance quotes by filling in our forms.

    Insurance in general competes with other expenses. Your wallet can only afford so much before you feel like you’re overextending yourself. And although this may be, the benefits of having life insurance far outweigh the costs, thus it is important that you have some sort of life insurance cover. LifeCompare makes it easy for you to buy life insurance, and even easier to get all the information about each insurer in one website.


    Understand basic life insurance terms by clicking here: Glossary of Life Insurance Terms.

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