A Disability Plan looks
after your income in
case of an accident

A Hospital Plan covers
the expenses should
you suffer an emergency

Debt Relief ensures that
you don't leave your
family in debt

A Funeral Plan assists
with the expenses
related to a funeral

What to expect from Momentum Life CoverThis is what Clientele Life Cover Pays OutHow much do you get from 1Life Life Cover?

What to expect from Momentum Life Cover

Momentum’s life cover insurance, both it’s Myriad and Longevity options are fairly broad based in that they are containers that offer great personal flexibility all depending on your own financial needs and life stage.  They also understand that you need to be covered from when you say you need cover – not when your first premium is paid.  That’s why they offer free life cover from acceptance of cover until you pay your first premium.  Great guys – Viva Momentum!


Want some help with the right life cover options?


Please give me a call and tailor make a life cover package for me – I’m not like everyone else!
As easy as 1, 2, 3!

    This is what Clientele Life Cover Pays Out

    Clientele is a life cover company that understand its clientele!  It knows that we are all just a little bit different and has produced policies that are unique for each one of us.  Not only do they offer awesome cash back schemes, but they provide life cover of up to several millions, all depending on your life stage.



    Want some help with the right life cover options?

    Please give me a call and tailor make a life cover package for me – I’m a little different to the next guy…
    As easy as 1, 2, 3!

      How much do you get from 1Life Life Cover?

      1Life life cover products are design to give you personalized life cover. It would be unfair to dump us all into little boxes and stick lables on us – so it’s really not fair to say that you get this much cover for a certain premium per month.  You can see some of the options available from 1Life life cover in the image below.

      Want some help with the right life cover options?

      Please give me a call and tailor make a life cover package for me.

      As easy as 1, 2, 3!

        Assupol life cover payout details

        So what exactly do you get from Assupol when buy life cover from them?  Life cover policies from Assupol are based on your individual criteria – that would be how old you are, how many children you have and also how much you would like to be covered for.


        A 45 year old male with 2 children has a different profile to a 32 year old with a mountain bike  – and I’m guessing that your own needs are different too!



        Want some help with the right life cover options?


        Please give me a call and tailor make a life cover package for me.

        As easy as 1, 2, 3!


          Is whole life insurance a good investment?

          Firstly, what is whole life insurance?

          It is a contract that is taken out for the entire lifespan of an insured person – usually up to 95 years of age.   The guaranteed monthly premiums are fixed for your whole life so long as the policy holder (person paying the monthly premiums) pays them monthly.  The policy has a “Face Value” and you pay into the policy until such a time that the “Cash Value” (the actual amount saved) matches the Face Value.  If the insured dies, the beneficiary receives at least the Face Value, no matter what age the insured is or what the Cash Value is.

          A whole life policy generates a cash value, which can be used whilst you are alive, through withdrawal options.  Whole life insurance is therefore life insurance which is part insurance and part investment.

          Is a Tax friendly vehicle allowing additional top ups to be made to the policy – increasing it’s cash value.

          Offers a guaranteed death benefit (or payout) – which remains the same for life.

          The insurance cover pays out upon your death and is very much associated with funeral insurance, and pays out in the event that you become physically or mentally impaired. The investment type of whole life insurance accumulates cash, which you can take out or borrow against. Furthermore, whole life insurance does not expire after a certain number of years like term life insurance, but continues to cover you until you die.

          Some of LifeCompare’s insurance partners offer whole life insurance, while others have a separate investment options which you can top up you basic life insurance policy with. A life insurance product like Momentum Myriad is a great example of whole life insurance. Find yours by filling in the form below.

          As easy as 1, 2, 3!


            A growing number of South Africans are viewing their life insurance policies as more than just that, and considering them as a type of investment, thus arises the question, “Is whole life insurance a good investment or not?” There needs to be some clarity on a couple of money-related issues which will be discussed below.

            What is an investment

            An investment is any product or even service which you put money in, betting that money will grow in the future. An investment has risk, and it is that risk that encourages your money to either grow or diminish in value at a later stage.

            Whole life insurance is an innovation in the insurance industry, and a much needed one for us South Africans. Think about it, only 20% of us have a life policy out of a total population of 50 million people. And South Africa is a spending nation, with little regard to save for now nor the future. Whole life insurance tackles both of these problems by encouraging the uptake of life insurance, while creating a savings and investing culture among South Africans.

            Finally, to answer the question of whether or not whole life insurance is a good investment, we at LifeCompare say, “yes, it is!” With these products, you get the full benefits of both insurance and investment. The combination of the two drives down your own costs because they are a united product, offered by the same company, which allows it to drive down costs that are passed onto you. What’s great is that you can also borrow against your policy, even though the cash is not in your bank account yet.


            Liberty Life, so much more than just a Policy

            The length and breath of Liberty Life Group extends to more than just life policies. The immediate reaction to the overwhelming amount of information out there can leave you with a vague picture of what this life insurance company offers. However, LifeCompare provides a concise brief about Liberty Life policies and what how to get life insurance quotes.


            As easy as 1, 2, 3!

              Just like any other life policy, the first consideration you make depends largely on other life policy quotes that have found. With this information at hand, you can proceed to choose an insurer to cover you. Your Liberty Life policy will detail everything you need to know with regard to your policy and the insurer. Detailed with be your monthly premium contribution, and how this amount should be debited to Liberty Life. Here you can choose various payment options. Also, there will be details on what will happen should you miss any one payment. This is very important as just one missed payment could leave you unisured.

              A really great Liberty Life Cover perk, is that they will pay you back 5 months premiums every 5 years! That sounds like a policy benefit worth having!

              Besides the above mentioned, other important details will be contained in your policy. The duration of your life policy will be explained. The total amount of your cover, and what type of insurance you have taken. That’s the basic life cover which makes up the foundation of a Liberty Life policy. The second thing is to build on that foundation, where there are details about your funeral policy and amount allocated thereof. If you have taken up income and credit insurance, these too will be detailed. Another important type of offering that Liberty has are dread disease and disability insurance. These can be separate policies, but in general they are grouped all in one.

              Now that you know enough about Liberty Life policies, it’s advisable to learn about other life insurers. There are definitely differences between the various policies the have, and as mentioned above, it’s better to know too much than to know too little when buying life insurance.

              Liberty Life Contact Details

              0860 327 327

              Absa Life Insurance Policy Offered by the Trusted Bank

              Besides being a high street bank, ABSA, has major life insurance operations which cater to many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of South Africans. ABSA Insurance is the umbrella name to what is ABSA Life Insurance and other insurance services by the bank. Here you will find the products it offers.

              Life insurance terms explained easily – click here for more!

              As easy as 1, 2, 3!

                Each ABSA Life Insurance Policy Explained

                The main benefit of the ABSA Life Cover option is that it prioritizes younger folk – adults between 18 and 45 years, who on average pay less for life insurance than their older counterparts. The option is available to those who want to buy a new life policy or add to an existing one. This existing one could be with ABSA or any other insurer. Life cover from ABSA offers insurance for at least R50,000 to R1 million!

                Another really great and possibly innovative product because of its flexibility is ABSA @ Ease. With this, you get various insurance types not limited to just life cover unlike with other life insurance companies. You can choose from a wide range of insurances including accidental cover, occupation disability cover, functional and impairment disability cover, critical illness cover, a funeral policy, and loss of income and employment insurances. You could say ABSA @ Ease is a mix and match type of life insurance.

                ABSA Life Extreme is an accidental death and serious injury insurance. If you are into extreme sports for example, you are more likely to get seriously injured or die accidentally than someone who’s more into golf. This uncertainty can be mediated with the appropriate life insurance, and ABSA Life Extreme is exactly that. You get up to R1 million cover, and this amount is paid directly to your estate and/or beneficiaries. There are really no hassles to it.

                ABSA Life Contact Details

                0860 100 372

                Information About Assupol Policies

                Over 100 years – that’s how long Assupol policy issuances have landed on South Africans’ hands. This life insurance company has really stood the test of time, thus, by having it as your life insurance partner, you’re really in it for the long run. Its stability will leave you to take care of the important things in life, like taking care of your family.

                  Assupol South Africa

                  An Assupol policy can be one or a combination of these following –

                  Progress Accident Plan

                  For R73 a month, you can get up to R1 million of life cover from Assupol. However, with this policy you do not get funeral cover for your spouse or parents, so you will have to take up a top-up policy to cover your extended family. Also, with the Progress Accident Plan, you do not get a cash back of your premiums.

                  Progress 4Sure Plan

                  The current premiums on this policy are R90 per month, however, you get additional benefits to the previous plan. These additional benefits include funeral cover for your spouse, and an additional increase on your retirement if it is already with Assupol Insurance.

                  Progress Legacy Plan

                  With other insurers, getting cover of up to R10 million could require you to pay in excess of R500 a month in life premiums, however when you have a Progress Legacy Assupol policy, your premiums start at R150 per month. That’s a great deal! Furthermore, the benefits included in the policy are worth the premiums. You get funeral cover for yourself and spouse, and increases in your retirement fund. For a little addition to your premiums, you can also get disability and terminal illness insurance, a bond cover, and an education fund that will go to your schooling children should you pass away.

                  Assupol Contact Details

                  0860 103 091

                  Key Benefits of Assupol Life Insurance

                  Before it demutualized into a public company, Assupol Life Insurance was one of South Africa’s leading and oldest mutual assurance societies. This means that it was owned by its policyholders, many of whom are now public shareholders. With regard to its main business of life insurance, Assupol is certainly up there with the best.

                  Assupol Insurance

                  The company offers three life insurance solutions:

                  The most affordable of the three options is the Progress Accident Plan. For a maximum cover of R1,000,000, Assupol Life Insurance offers you Assupol On-Call, which is a medical assistance service operated with the insurer’s partners, and of course accidental death cover.

                  The Progress 4Sure Plan costs about R90 per month, and with it comes a maximum cover of R300,000. This includes a funeral policy for you and your spouse, and for an additional premium you can cover your parents and children as well. With this option, all your premiums are paid back in 10 years if you have not made a claim.

                  Assupol Life Insurance’s Progress Legacy Plan is a premium solution, where you can get cover of up to R10,000,000. This includes some of these: critical illness, and disability cover, a “loan protector” which settles your mortgage bond if you die before you complete repaying it, an education facility for your children if you die, and if you already have a retirement plan with Assupol, the value of that annuity is increased.

                  As you can see with the life insurance options, Assupol Life has been very good at integrating their different life insurance products with things their other financial services like savings and annuities, and third party benefits.

                  Assupol has been serving lives since 1913, but other, younger life insurance companies do an equally good job. Read about them and compare life insurance quotes.

                  Assupol Life Contact Details

                  0860 103 091


                  Life insurance terms explained easily – click here for more!

                  Do You Need Liberty Life Insurance?

                  Liberty Life Insurance Company has been at the forefront of proving life insurance to many South Africans. The life insurance company that claims to have built Johannesburg’s Sandton Suburb has built a portfolio of great life products, and within these are many benefits for you and your family.

                  Life insurance terms explained easily – click here for more!

                  As easy as 1, 2, 3!

                    Liberty Insurance

                    Looking at your individual life insurance policy from Liberty Life Insurance, you can choose to mix and match the following options: (1) life cover for your whole life to the amount of R5,000,000, (2) disability insurance, (3) dread disease and terminal illness insurance, and a host of extras like financial planning and the very successful Liberty Rewards cash back programme.

                    Suppose you die of an accident. Who will fund your burial? Who will take care of your children? Won’t they regret that you left them with nothing but huge debts and a mortgage bond to pay off? These are all extremely likely, and taking up life insurance from Liberty eliminates most if not all of these stresses. You really have nothing to lose.

                    Knowing the above, by the time you die, you will know that your policy will pay a lump sum of R50,000 to your family to go towards your funeral. And within two weeks of making a claim and assessing your death and your profile, the insurer should be able to pay your beneficiaries what is due to them.

                    The Liberty Rewards programme is worth further focus because of the benefits involved. With your rewards card, you get discounts and/or cash back at many places. The include Virgin Active gyms, grocery store and much, much more.

                    The Liberty Life Insurance Company has paid out many billions of rands over the years, and remains one of the best, and strongest life insurance companies in the whole of South Africa. It’s the right partner for you.

                    Liberty Life Insurance Contact Details

                    0860 327 327

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